One of our favourite labels currently is 42’s Records, pumping out banger after banger and the latest release could even be the cream of the crop. Narcissus have released ‘cuttin’ thru red tape’ an electronica masterpiece feature the beautiful vocals of Becki Fishwick. Narcissus vocalist Ben Guy states “At a time when creative arts are being dismantled before our eyes by those that don’t understand nor care, cuttin’ thru red tape serves as a blistering call to arms & very timely reminder to cling on to those creative passions & pursuits like never before as it is these that truly define who we are & what we do. They are likely to have been there with you for both the greatest & darkest times of your life and so lean into them now more than ever as they will not let you down”.

We recently spoke to Narcissus about their musical influences in our Unearthed feature.

For fans of New Order, LCD Soundsytem, A Certain Ratio.

Written by Stuart Daley
Photo by Debbie Ellis