The immediate onslaught of guitars is the kick in the face that Bandit have unleashed through their raucous new single ‘Peppermints Don’t Hide Everything’. The song is the latest release from new label Sam Records who seem to have already shaken the new kids on the block feeling with this heavy hitting single courtesy of the powerful Bandit. ‘Peppermints Don’t Hide Everything’ is the culmination of Bandit dialling everything up from previous singles and finding that perfect attitude that blends Barry Forsythe’s thunderous drumming, Josh Pears’ rollocking basslines and Evan Tate’s rampant guitar riffs behind the unapologetic vocals on Nat Waters.

Talking about the single, singer Nat Waters says “A vague aroma of peppermints may only disguise the truth of a cigarette flavoured kiss, but sometimes the heart wants what it wants – terrible decision or not.” 

For fans of Fontaines DC, Idles, Cage The Elephant

Written by: Stuart Daley