Bandit are back with another blinding track release will what’s rapidly becoming our favourite label, Sam Records. ‘Ice Cream’ doesn’t hold back with the raucous guitar and is full frontal from the off. This is crammed full of nostalgia, not only in the back-to-basics guitar and bass melody driving the song, but also the lyrics reference falling in love for the first time and mentioned to seaside trips to Blackpool.

Bandit have certainly got a knack for writing a banger and ‘Ice Cream’ is the latest evidence of this. It has everything i’m looking for in a song like this, sing-a-long vocals, catchy hooks, mini break downs and big euphoric guitar riffs. ‘Ice Cream’ is the follow up to our previous Track Of The Day from Bandit, ‘Peppermints Don’t Hide Everything’, if they carry on going like this we may have to start a new section just for their music!

On the single, Nat Waters said “It’s a tune written about young love. Getting caught in the rain and instead of running for shelter, embracing it. Things aren’t perfect because everything’s not always Disney. Falling in love with a girl as we sat laughing on plastic garden chairs is way more rock n roll than that anyway. Youthful nostalgia and summer air in this tune are what makes it quite bittersweet. Make the most of what you got in this moment because you’re never gonna get those seconds back. This is what’s real. Plus we all have a soft spot for Blackpool.”
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Written by Stuart Daley
Photo by Dan Toole