Funky, happy and just full of life. Ziggy D’Amato is a name that is very much brand new to me and one that I will be looking more into beyond this song. Unbelievably easy listening and just a song that is bound to make any listener feel all sorts of happy emotions. 

This track feels and sounds like a great romantic song but with a huge twist that it doesn’t sound so soppy like the rest do. I’m not sure if I’ve taken the wrong meaning from the tune there but that’s the beauty of the context of music consumption.

The guitar in ‘Maya Blue’ is so bright and in your face and just really pops that beautiful funk influence straight out into your ears. Not only should the guitar be mentioned, but the vocal performance on this track is nothing short of masterful. The seamless switches between falsetto back to the full strength vocal throughout the song is stunning.

I’m genuinely loving this track and can’t get enough of this or in fact the rest of the EP which follows it. Ziggy is quite obviously a songwriter and musician who has practised his craft of songwriting and musicianship over time; that has developed into this rather unique sound which he’s now putting out of his records.

Banging work, I can say easily that Ziggy has gained a fan in myself.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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