Some of the most animated, original and catchy post punk I have ever wrapped my ears around. ‘Free Parking’, the latest single from Youth Sector is simply a masterpiece. 

Once again, as I’d expect of Youth Sector now having heard and reviewed a couple of their tunes, this is completely out of the box and a breathe of fresh air.

High end; polished production, Raw emotion, top musicianship. Just some of the things on display in this track and other tracks which I’ve heard from this incredible band recently.

‘Free Parking’ just has a real kick to it that I don’t feel in some post-punk music. It’s almost like the track grabs you and just demands your attention throughout; with a song like this you can’t really deny it that attention either.

Nothing more to say than absolute mastery, in every sense of the word. A band I’d love to see live very soon and one of my favourite new bands at the moment.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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