Written inside their 0saka based studio apartment, Wynona, formed of bedroom-pop partners Natalie and Rich, tinkered with the early idea of ‘Get Back To Myself’. Accounting present times, the track recalls the challenges of internal belonging and being a world away from familiarity during a worldwide pandemic. The song’s meaning shifting halfway through its creation. 

After making the last flight out of Tokyo and now back home in the UK, Wynona released their debut ‘Get Back To Myself’. Lo-fi bedroom pop seems to be the hit sound of the last few years, with so many isolated with their ideas. Wynona’s debut release, consequently born from the duo’s romanticising of their time in Japan.

Touching on complex emotions of homesickness and restlessness. ‘Get Back To Myself’s theme of homesickness is complemented by soothing, warm vocal melodies. “Honey, the best part of the morning was the lie in / In the room where we kept vinyl on the floor / I could hardly even make it to the kitchen without stepping on your favourite Zombies record.” Although there is a deeply personal connection between the songwriter and these lyrics, they also feel universally significant. The guitar, meanwhile, is somewhat counterintuitive, landing on all the offbeats to produce an upbeat feel and positive spin shaped out of the unavoidable.



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Written by Emma Way