Do you despair at the carousel like, trend centric nature of popular music? Do you tire of seeing “glitz and glamour” triumph over tenacity and talent? Well if you do, please read on, as there is a lad called Will Matthew who is about to set your world on fire.

The Leeds based, Southerner in hiding may have began his musical journey solely as a Guitar Player but his new single ‘You Could Break My Heart For A Living’ showcases an aptitude for songwriting that would leave the all time greats in Pets At Home collecting their green eyed monsters.

Whilst on the surface, the track may appear to be nothing more than a ten a penny tale of heartbreak and woe, such a description could not be further from the truth. With every pen stroke, Matthew cranks the corners of your mouth higher and higher, using metaphors and witticisms to guide you to a destination that is relatable, not cliche. “You’d never miss employee of the week” is a personal favourite.

Add to this, a lilting vocal melody and Matthews’ own favourite jumper cosy vocal, the average musician would down tools immediately assuming their stars had all aligned at once. For Will Matthew however, that is only half the story.

It’s extremely rare to find a song that excels on every level. Just as a Premier League football team can have a poster boy striker and a lacking midfield, a good song can often be found with an overkill drum solo here or a dickie guitar tone there. Not this song though. This one has a clean sheet.

The instrumentation behind this track is flawless. Thoughtful harmony woven between keys, guitars and bass makes passive listening an impossibility whilst a reassuringly crisp drum part is enough to put a spring into the most downtrodden of steps. Somehow, every element of this tune masters the art of standing out whilst standing back. It is just a joy!

In a world so fixated on labels, is it this genre? Or that genre? ‘You Could Break My Heart For A Living’ lives in a different universe entirely. One where the only “thing” that it has to be, is timeless.

This song could soundtrack the comings and goings of Paul Newman with as much conviction as it could Paul Mescal. It could be your Grandma’s, Your Mum’s and even Your favourite song. Style never goes out of fashion.

All that is left to say is that ‘You Could Break My Heart For A Living’ is the 2nd of three singles we can expect from Will Matthew in the near future and if that’s not enough, his debut EP is available wherever you stream your music.

Written by Iwan Grant

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