One of our favourite artists Venus Demilo has released an infectious new single that is a million miles away from their previous sound – and we’re all for it!

‘The Good Life’ is an up-beat bouncy song from the Liverpool based band. Venus Demilo have ramped up the electronic sounds in this track and really played on that catchy melody they’ve always had and moved it to the forefront of the song. Following on previous single ‘Embers’, ‘The Good Life’ has a feel-good attitude which is an exciting direction for Venus Demilo.

There’s a bit more of a Hip-Hop influence in their latest offering, akin to artists like Luke Royalty and Easy Life. They’ve pulled off this transition beautifully and it’s a great addition to their songwriting prowess that hasn’t been seen from the band before. The slightly more spoken vocals give a stronger focus on the lyrics and the meaning of the song – a strength that they’ve always demonstrated. The song is about letting go of the stressful stuff and embracing what is great. “It’s there, something you’ve just got to look” claim the band.

Venus Demilo recently decided to take a step back from live performances and focus on writing and recording – and taking some well earned personal time away from the busy schedule of a band. ‘The Good Life’ is the latest release from their upcoming mini-album, which is due for release in Autumn this year.


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Written by Stuart Daley