Urban Theory’s latest single, ‘Making Of A Swine’, catapults listeners into a sonic realm that blurs the boundaries between punk, new wave, and indie guitar rock. Hailing from Bury, Greater Manchester, this hard-hitting four-piece band, led by Alexander Quinn on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, delivers a raw, gritty live energy that leaves an indelible mark.

From the opening chords, the track exudes a powerful presence, with Jake Heath’s lead guitar adding intricate layers and Josh Rowlands on bass, along with Olly Wiz on drums, forming a solid rhythm section. The result is a sound that seamlessly traverses genres, capturing the essence of Manchester’s vibrant music scene.

‘Making Of A Swine’ is a statement of intent from Urban Theory, showcasing their penchant for big choruses and youthful energy. The song, part of their upcoming EP slated for release early 2024, is a testament to the band’s growth since their formation in 2016. Their journey through the Manchester scene, selling out venues and supporting prominent acts, has led them to this moment.

Alexander Quinn shares that the track holds a hidden meaning, inviting listeners on a journey through the labyrinth of his thoughts. The production, handled by Georgia Fullalove at North West Recording studios in Cheshire, and the mastering by John Maher, elevate the song’s sonic landscape.

‘Making Of A Swine’ is a sonic headrush, a visceral experience that captivates with its volume set to the max. Urban Theory’s ability to blend influences and deliver a compelling narrative through their music makes this single a standout addition to their repertoire. As we eagerly await their upcoming EP, it’s clear that Urban Theory is a force to be reckoned with in the indie post-punk scene.

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