Token Honey have here made a song which has the feel of a real timeless classic. ‘Different Enough’ is a bouncy indie pop track infused with beautiful guitar tones and a gleaming vocal performance. 

A track which is somehow emotive yet contrastingly really bouncy at the same time, ‘Different Enough’ contains so many brilliant elements.

First off those funky drums, so much groove and a vital part of the track. You get the feeling that this track would not be what it is without this instrument tying it all together with rhythmic brilliance.

Second is the vocal as already mentioned. Absolutely immense. Nothing which takes a huge amount of ‘talent’ or technique, but a vocal which has a tremendous amount of melodic understanding. It just sort of sits exactly where it should in the track and grabs your attention then doesn’t let you go.

The only slight problem within this track for me is the fact the guitars sit ever so slightly too high in the mix. I feel they should be dropped back and given less attention to allow a little more space.

Indie pop with a touch of pure magic. Amazing from the Token Honey lads.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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