‘Rainy Summer’, as the title may suggest, feels rather moody and full of attitude from the off. The Wears have a very clear and defined sound within this track and not one which I can really link back to any other artist easily. A unique piece of Rock music such as this is hard to come by given the amount of songs released daily nowadays. 

In places, this song does however feel slightly overproduced. The drums are just a little bit too much and too overpowering at certain times and it just sounds like theres an awful lot being compressed or held back in this track. It doesn’t sound as open as I’d expect.

That being said and production aside, The quality of musicianship is their for all to hear from The Wears. The drums, though at times overpowering, are a defining point of this song providing some huge fills in the back along with the moody rhythm. Vocally, this track is also something quite special. There’s a huge amount of power in the pipes of frontman Ted. Adding to the power of those vocals would be the harmonies in the back that just put this track at an even higher level. Insane.

I’m a huge fan of this track but would really love to hear it with a touch better production and also in a live setting, as i feel that it’s probably a case of the mix not doing this track the justice it deserves. Take nothing away from everything else in ‘Rainy Summer’ though, this is a really great track.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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