Indecisive’ is the debut track from the South-Mancunian indie band The Sceptics. The band have only been going for a year and have already played a sold out shows at Aatma and Deaf Institute in their home city of Manchester. 

Formed in the summer of 2019 in Altrincham, South Manchester, by close mates Will Riley and Oli Jackson (rhythm and lead guitar respectively) the duo combined their talents with drummer Jamie Foster-Grime, bassist Oli Dunne and vocalist Isaac Pugh. The charismatic group combine their electric on-stage presence with Britpop esc tunes. ‘Indecisive’ was born via inspiration from Oasis, The Stone Roses and other bands who have called Manchester ‘home’. The Sceptics are going the right way about paving their own path to be the next big Manchester band. 

If their high-energy live sets aren’t enough, the band couple this with heartfelt, powerful lyrics. ‘Indecisive’ deals with mental health, and how a close friend to The Sceptics has battled through it and came out on the bright side. It’s a song I could easily see belting out through stadium speakers in the not so distant future. The buzz they’ve had already is certainly eye-catching and their dedicated fanbase has certainly alerted the scene to what’s about to come. 

The Sceptics have a whole host of live performances to come in 2020 and beyond. They’ve teased an EP release on their socials and that means there’s more of their trademark catchy tunes coming your way…

Written by: Tom Taylor