Indie-rock pioneers, The Reytons, have always been hailed as a band who can skillfully command the stage and thrive on making the live setting their own. However, their latest track ‘Headache’ proves that they can easily capture that energy in the studio too.

The Reytons are made up of vocalist Jonny Yerrell, Joe O’Brien on lead guitar, Lee Holland on bass guitar and drummer Jamie Todd. The four-piece are taking the genre of indie-rock by the throat for this catchy riff-driven number. If this track was blasted on the radio you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was the brainchild of a certain Alex Turner. It features vocals with a telltale Yorkshire accent, toe-tapping melodies and even gritty lyrics to boot. However, make no mistake, after diving into the chorus, it is a track which could only be created by The Reytons. The track describes a situation which most have experienced, where staying in your current relationship seems impossible and an inevitable break is needed.

Across social media, they stated that “Our new single ‘Headache’ is out […] Nowt to do with Corona… Just sh** timing.” Bad timing indeed, like many other bands this summer was going to be particularly career-defining for them. Going from Fringe to the Main Stage at iconic festival Tramlines this year would’ve been incredible for the band. However, it does mark how far this group have come, and are sure to make up for the lost time when it is all over.

The Reytons cannily recognise the importance of connecting with their fans, and they pride themselves on being as real as they can be. Their vocals are proudly sung with a clear accent and their lyrics use abbreviations such as “Aggro” and “’cause”. The band have dedicated their success to “an army of Reytons that grows bigger and bigger each day”. It is a clever move because the power of a dedicated fanbase should never be overlooked.

For the past 3 years, they’ve been going strong and they show no signs of slowing down. Fans of bands such as Catfish and The Bottlemen and Arctic Monkeys are sure to have their music on repeat. However, keep in mind that they are anything but washed-up copies of previous indie greats. They have a whole lot of potential still to give.

Furthermore, their rescheduled dates are now set for this Autumn. They have already had multiple venue upgrades, and are prepared for all of their shows to sell out. The bar has been set high for the band’s return to the stage, but as usual, they will surely surpass all expectations. Grab your tickets now to avoid disappointment.

Written by Camilla Whitfield

Photograph by Ross Miller