A huge throwback to the sound of the 80s with the instrumentation of ‘Summer Girl’, the latest release from familiar faces The Pigeon Detectives. 

‘Summer Girl’ is gnarly and full of grit and raw, unfiltered emotion. This is almost like if you take typical indie music and just add something a little extra. Having listened to The Pigeon Detectives before, I did have a certain expectation of their music and this track has absolutely not failed to deliver on that.

There’s a certain element of nostalgia in this track along with that typical sound you come to expect from The Pigeon Detectives, for me it’s definitely within the sound of the synths that tick along through the track, replacing the bass in the intro of the track. Constantly building, ‘Summer Girl’ definitely takes the listener on something of an aural journey with the track adding a new element every section. There’s a perfect balance of familiarity in repetition as well as musical difference within this track that just keep it interesting and exciting to listen to throughout.

Within the song, there is something to be said for not only the journey that the music takes you on, but the vocals too. Matt Bowman delivers a vocal performance that has it’s soft elements but then manages to build perfectly into this balance between pure emotion and perfect melody. I had the chorus of this one stuck in my head instantly and couldn’t shake it!

With a real heartfelt message behind the track, frontman Matt discusses the courage of his wife over the period of the COVID lockdown and how she didn’t leave the house; then managed to gain courage to get out of the house at the end of it. A message I’m sure many people across the UK can also find a relation to.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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