The Moving Stills’ latest release, ‘Best Friend’, is a delightful testament to the band’s evolution within the realm of indie pop. With their recent cover on triple j’s Like A Version and the announcement of their upcoming album ‘Wabi Sabi‘, this Central Coast ensemble is riding high on a wave of creative energy.

‘Best Friend’ is an ode to the joys of friendship, capturing the warmth and affection that bonds people. Produced by Izaac Wilson, the song leans towards the indie pop side of The Moving Stills’ repertoire, adorned with arpeggiated synths and infectious guitar riffs. The melodies are both soothing and unforgettable, making you want to hit repeat.

Tommy’s lyrical storytelling skillfully paints a vivid picture of life and the effortless, natural connections that sometimes grace our lives. The track’s production is playful yet laden with emotion, making it a compelling and enjoyable listen.

As they gear up for their second full-length album release, ‘Wabi Sabi‘, The Moving Stills demonstrate their growth both as musicians and storytellers. The album encapsulates the band’s experiences over the past few years, and their relentless touring and live performances have only enhanced their craft. With a promising tour on the horizon, ‘Best Friend’ sets the stage for what’s bound to be an exciting new chapter in The Moving Stills’ musical journey. Don’t miss this infectious track that’s sure to leave you with a smile and a heart full of appreciation.

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