The Manatees, a British indie-rock trio hailing from the south coast of England, deliver a punchy and infectious track with their latest release, ‘Get What You Want’. As the second instalment from their upcoming EP, ‘Different State Of Mind‘, set for release on February 23, 2024, the single follows the well-received ‘Call You A Criminal’.

‘Get What You Want’ is a sonic journey laden with vigorous guitar hooks, climatic bass rhythms, and twinkling synths, all tied together by lead singer Jay Harris’ compelling vocals. The track presents a contradiction, exuding attitude and occasional aggression while exploring themes of insecurity and feeling insufficient. Jay Harris shares a glimpse into the song’s meaning, revealing that it reflects on the human experience of fluctuating confidence and the struggle with self-doubt.

The Manatees’ sonic palette, described as shiny-but-questioning alt.melodic quests, incorporates elements of hip hop samples, funk-driven basslines, and sparkling guitars. Drawing comparisons to the likes of MGMT, Klaxons, Jungle, Wolf Alice, and The Strokes, the trio brings a refreshing and genre-hopping essence to their music.

Having gained momentum with their debut EP, ‘Dream In Colour‘, released in April, The Manatees have already made their mark on the indie scene. The EP openly tackled the anxieties of navigating a changing world, emphasising the desperateness and loneliness of growing up. The band’s energetic live performances, including sellout shows and festival appearances, showcase their ability to connect with audiences.

‘Get What You Want’ not only adds to The Manatees’ pop delight but also demonstrates the depth of their songwriting. With its relentless energy and introspective lyrics, the track positions The Manatees as a band to watch in the evolving landscape of indie-rock. As they continue to garner attention and accolades, it’s clear that their unique sound and honest approach resonate with listeners and critics alike.

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