The Manatees dive into the modern indie dancefloor with their latest single, ‘Call You A Criminal’. This catchy track is the first glimpse of their upcoming EP, ‘Different State Of Mind‘, produced by Tarek Musa (Spring King/Dead Nature) and set to be released in 2024. Hailing from a quiet town on the south coast of England and now based in London, The Manatees consist of Jay, Tyler, and Miller, school friends bound by their shared love of music and their penchant for unfeasibly large trousers.

‘Call You A Criminal’ marks a shift towards a more pop-oriented sound for the trio, capturing the complexities of timing and distance in a relationship. The song is a reflection of the frustration and confinement that can come from physical separation, with London serving as the backdrop for this emotional journey.

The Manatees masterfully blend hip-hop samples, funk-driven basslines, and sparkling guitars to craft their alt.melodic quests. Their music draws comparisons to a wide array of artists, from MGMT to The Strokes. With ‘Call You A Criminal’. The Manatees offer a tantalising preview of their upcoming EP, showcasing their ability to create music that’s simultaneously catchy and thought-provoking. This track’s infectious energy will surely resonate with fans of modern indie pop.

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