‘Better Way To Think Of It’ immediately slaps you in the face with an absolute shedload of attitude right from the off. Something that made me extremely inquisitive of the rest of the song from the band known as The Manatees who now reside within the country’s capital. 

The track is obviously focused primarily around the drums and the storytelling aspect which this song contains. There’s something which almost feels like a unison between the drums and vocal in sections of the verse, they just tie together so perfectly rhythmically. Those drums are such a huge part of everything that makes this track so full of life. In a track that hits so hard with so much attitude, there has to be something which gives it a kick and in this case that is most definitely the drums.

I do feel in places this track is guilty of being slightly overproduced. A very broad comment to make of the song as a whole, but I feel that the track just feels a little bit like its lacking in its natural elements in quite a few areas. It just feels very non-human at times musically. This could be something the band have done intentionally, in which case that makes this critique a little bit redundant but just a little point I’ve noticed. It’s mainly the drums which stand out with a lot of the cymbal and hi-hats hits being all the same sort of velocity.

That aside, this track is one I would genuinely love to hear in a live setting as I feel like it has a huge amount of potential as a song in a live show.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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