One of the most confusing and mind boggling songs I have ever heard in my life has just been released by London band The Kobras, with their latest track ‘Rabbit Hole’. 

I’m really not sure how to feel about this track, not often do I start a review with such a negative tone but it’s just a track which I can’t rap my head around.

‘Rabbit Hole’ contains some super high gain guitars, hard hitting drums and a hugely contrasting vocal which works extremely well with the rest of the track.

There are so many great qualities within this piece of music I just can’t overlook how muddy that initial riff sounds. It’s fuzzy which I believe is the intention but it just feels really overbearing on the rest of the track. I feel this could be enhanced by dropping the level of gain a tad or maybe even just cutting the level of it in the mix.

The vocal within the track and the drums are phenomenal, a real understanding of what this piece of music needs and how to execute it with precision. Unreal.

Another redeeming quality is the guitar tone during the solo/breakdown. It’s also really fuzzy but it works beautiful in that particular section and is a solo I could listen to over and over.

I feel this track has huge positives but also it’s fair share of bad points. A real shame considering I really wanted to like it!

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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