Yorkshire lads who don’t seem to fit the mould of the Yorkshire sound you’d be used to in the indie genres, The Kites ladies and gentlemen.

‘Drunk In Japan’ is an unrelenting, toe-tapper of a track. Showcasing everything that is great about guitar music while also adding a hint of pop music with the vocal melodies and the really simple but effective drum and rhythm parts in general.

The Kites are a band which includes two brothers who formed with friends from secondary school to create this musical project. Since then the lads have gone on to craft this customary sound of theirs which combines the beauty of guitar music and that pop influence I mentioned. The boys have not only played the DORK stage at prestigious festival Live at Leeds this year but are also well on their way to selling out their own headline show at Leeds’ The Wardrobe.

It’d seem very much that the only way is up for a band with this much ability and willingness to do well. The music just seems very honest and heartfelt and that’s something that will connect with audiences far and wide, something that has certainly drawn me in as a listener from this track alone.

I have a lot of excitement for this band, a new fan they have just gained. Simply brilliant.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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