Northern chaps, The Juice, dish out their latest freshly squeezed single ‘Rip It Up’ after a summer of endless sold out shows, a trip to Isle of Wight Festival and Etihad Stadium.

The latest single, ‘Rip it Up’ delivers a promising and catchy tune from the get-go through the use of those sweet, sweet guitar riffs and relatable lyrics. The track, primarily inspired by The Hives and The Strokes, emerges on a fast- paced and frantic joyride of a story about wanting to keep a relationship alive. If you thought Taylor Swift was the queen of writing relationship anthems, then boy are you wrong – this five piece indie band takes the crown.

The band, originating from Manchester and Preston, are heavily influenced by other bands and upcoming artists in the Northwest all whilst bringing their own unforgettable indie scene to the table. For someone who discovered this band recently, I have not had a day that I haven’t played ‘Rip it Up’ amongst many of their other tracks on my daily playlist. The boys have got a big news on the horizon for those fans who are new or old and I for one cannot wait.

Written by Izzy Hegarty

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