It’s always an amazing thing to hear a strong female voice in an alternative rock song. It’s an especially amazing thing to hear when the song utilises more than one vocal part that compliments the other gorgeously. This is an immensely well crafted track, and induces emotion in the shiver-down-my-spine kind of way.

Even though the overall tone feels very blue – as stated in the title – the lyrics don’t seem to reflect this. ‘Don’t fear the move out of the past, Let time take your hand and guide you’: a small snippet of the gorgeous lyrics in the track proves just how positive this song could be for those feeling down. Singer Ritzy Bryan mentioned in a statement that the track was about “having the courage to enjoy a new journey and the mystery and excitement of something unexpected,” and it certainly feels this way. 

Larger than life guitar riffs, full drums and soft vocals, I’m given Bully vibes, or even as far as Wolf Alice’s more alternative stuff. The Joy Formidable are already an incredibly well respected band, with their albums known to be emotional rides throughout, so I believe this is a great start to pick up where they left off. Given the fact that Covid-19 has been such a nightmare come to life for millions of people, this track feels like a new beginning – a sort of eye-opener for possibilities we couldn’t even dream of having in a life during the pandemic. 

Atmospheric, chilling, and sort of tense; everything that makes this track feel like an opener, a new era of The Joy Formidable. I’ll be adding it to my playlist, anyway.

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Written by: Liv Nicholls