Huge, overwhelmingly amazing vocals. The first thing that slaps you in the face from The Jade Assembly. 

‘Vulcan’ does have an interesting opening that pulls you in as a listener. However, it’s the power of vocalist John that really stands out from this breath of fresh air Manchester band.

Bringing back Rock and Roll to the forefront of a scene often overloaded with indie rock, The Jade Assembly are a band bringing something very fresh to the table. With a mix of glorious guitar tones and beastly drums combined with those roaring vocals, ‘Vulcan’ most definitely reaches out and kicks you in the face.

I’m a little lost for words on this track as it really is not what I expected and is such a great song. I’m sure with material like this The Jade Assembly will make their ascent through the Manchester scene very easily.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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