Southern lads The Howlers, a name I have come across before and who’s music is something instantly likeable and extremely easy listening, have released yet another beauty of a track in their most recent single ‘El Dorado’.

Coming as the bands first release since their debut EP in 2022, The Howlers are certainly back with an intent and showing their class once again with this superb ‘Desert-Rock’ anthem.

‘El Dorado’ marks an upturn in fortune for the East London band, having been through their fair share of troubles as a band in recent years. New drummer Tom Triggs states that this track is about ‘trying to find your way to a better place and going through the journey of ups and downs to get there’. You certainly feel that emotional connection that the band have to the music throughout this track.

The production, once again for the music from The Howlers is second to none and just polishes off and compliments what is already a brilliant track. It can be hard for a band to find their feet again in this manner after such trying times, but for these lads to not only bounce back but also do it with such a huge track is truly quite remarkable.

I’m sure that now these lads can only hit an upward trajectory and keep gaining and building from where they left off. A band who are certainly deserving of the success they have built, this track is just another incredible step in that journey.

A song which would not feel out of place in an ending scene of a film, ‘El Dorado’ is a credit to the musical works of The Howlers and a song worth anyone’s time to listen to.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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