A single from their huge second studio album, ‘Give a Little Love’ is a fine demonstration of the capabilities which The Heavy North have in their songwriting.

Having seen The Heavy North live before and hearing this song, the perfect description of them is a modern take on a vintage and well aged sound. This blues rock sound has been tried and tested by so many bands down the years but the Merseyside band are finding new and even more impressive ways to keep giving this sound a fresh lease of life!

Often I find modern blues rock bands to be very different interpretations of the same sort of idea but The Heavy North seem to have some form of other inspiration mixed in that gives them a very distinctive sound.

‘Give A Little Love’ delivers an extremely relatable life message about looking for the positives in life and not always the negatives – as described by lead singer Kenny Stuart.

Having listened to the album that this track is upon I would firmly urge anyone with a working set of ears to give it a go. Absolutely incredible work and musicianship from some really great musicians. Giving new life to a timeless genre.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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