The Goa Express’s debut album, ‘It’s Never Been Better‘, is a euphoric celebration of teenage-hood, brotherhood, and an unbridled passion for alternative music. Originating from the industrial towns of Burnley & Todmorden and embraced by the Manchester music scene, their journey is akin to a hedonistic pilgrimage into the beating heart of suburban rock and roll. From their raw beginnings, belting out tunes in a mate’s garage to a near floor-collapsing performance on top of a vintage shop, The Goa Express embodies the raw essence of making music when there’s “fuck all to do”.

The lead single, ‘It’s Never Been Better,’ released on November 27th, is a bold, swaggering anthem that soars on a tidal wave of chiming guitars, widescreen drums, and pulsating bass. The song, the oldest on the album, started as a humble home demo on GarageBand, later revitalised in the studio to become a nostalgic and catchy lament to summers shared with friends who took divergent paths.

The chemistry between band members – brothers James Douglas Clarke and Joe Clarke, along with Joey Stein, Naham Muzaffar, and Sam Launder – creates a sonic landscape rife with infectious harmonies, waves of psych-laden guitars, and playful rhythms. Drawing inspiration from the exuberance of early Supergrass, the rhythmic prowess of Psychedelic Furs, and the dreamy melodies of the La’s, The Goa Express brings a unique blend that encapsulates the spirit of today.

In an era where musical authenticity often succumbs to constructed facades, The Goa Express stands out with their genuine joy in the everyday, reminiscent of the glory days of the NME. ‘It’s Never Been Better’ not only marks the arrival of a promising band but also serves as a testament to the enduring power of immediate and unfiltered pop music.

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