My first introduction to this track was listening to it while watching the music video. The Family Rain are a band who are absolutely not lacking in musical imagination and brilliance; they also clearly have a rather visual imagination too! Magnificent. 

Machete Western is a track which is layered with synths, brilliant backing vocals and a surprising collaboration with dance collective Bad Sounds. With loads of electronics including some insane drum sounds and those huge synth sounds I mentioned, this track is an incredible listen.

Machete Western sets the tone, as the title track, for The Family Rain’s upcoming album release and there is no better way to precede and album than with a track like this.

The combination of instrumentation and musicality taken to build a track such as this takes a tremendous amount of practice and understanding. You can almost hear how long these guys have been working on their craft.

The Family Rain are another band who I have encountered before upon my listening journeys and are always a band who I keep in mind for their complete uniqueness.

With a release like this to build up I can’t wait to hear what is in store on the album from the Bath lads.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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