Following the trend of brilliant music coming from Ireland, The Clockworks have joined the ranks of the cult following that Irish music has developed over the last 18 months.

Formed in Galway and now based in London, The Clockworks comprising of James McGregor on Vocals/Guitar. Sean Connelly on Guitar, Damian Greaney on Drums and Tom Freeman on Bass have the backing of some of music’s most influence figureheads including Annie Mac, Steve Lamacq and are signed to Alan McGee’s Creation 23 label.

At just 2’41, ever second counts on ‘The Future Is Not What It Was’, a thumping post-punk time bomb of snarling energy. ‘The Future Is Not What It Was’ is a realistic look at the current state of the world and a stark comparison to what was imagined the future would look like. The Clockworks make you question the future we may face if humanity carries on in the way it currently is, yet still believing that things will be greener in years to come.

James McGregor explains, “This song is about trying to bring together two main ideas: The feeling that everywhere you look things are going wrong, to the point of cynicism, and the way that the idea of the future is better that its reality. Art and articles in the past would talk about 2020 and expect us to be driving flying cars in houses that clean themselves where nobody has to work. In reality we’re driving third hand Fiat Punto’s to 9-5’s that barely pay the rent. I guess the point is that the lifestyle may change but a lot of the problems are the same.

Written by: Stuart Daley
Photo by: Oscar Ryan