Brooklyn, NY, based husband-and-wife duo The Bergamot have released a laidback indie pop hit turning the usual love obsession with travelling to the West Coast of American on it’s head. The Bergamot have strong influences from Cage the Elephant which can be heard throughout their music and is a clear indication as to why they have been chosen to open up a stadium show for One Republic in April.

‘L.A.’ is the duo talking about the unseen side of L.A. away from all the glitz and glamour and the reality of the people stuck between the lavish lives of the successful tycoon and the struggling artist packing up and moving away, quietly moving on to the next phase of their life. “‘L.A.’ attempts to take a look at moving on with a dimly veiled eye of reality – with an ever persisting hope “I WANT to believe in you” but alas here we are.

This song speaks of the emotion of moving on, whether it be love or dreams and brings back memories of times gone by. The finger picking of the acoustic guitar is ever-present through the song, taking you through the story and envisioning your own experiences of leaving behind something you have loved and dreamt about. The song builds ups with complex layers of harmonies before taking the listener to it’s final resting place as harmonies chants “Goodbye L.A.” – “I want to believe in you”.

Written by: Stuart Daley