Sugar Tongue’s latest release, ‘River Of Life’, embodies the sweet and spirited essence that this South Australian indie rock band is known for. Comprising of Tom on vocals, Leo on guitar and vocals, Hudson on drums, Stirling on guitar, Cael on bass and guitar, and Hamish on keyboard and guitar, Sugar Tongue’s diverse lineup brings together a mix of experiences, from professional athletes to peanut salesmen, all united by their unwavering passion for music.

Formed in early 2022, Sugar Tongue swiftly made waves, earning a spot in the 2022 District Sky City’s Battle of the Bands after a series of impressive opening gigs. ‘River Of Life’ captures the band’s raw, creative, and hardworking spirit, showcasing a distinctive style influenced by their love for various artists and genres. The result is a one-of-a-kind blend of quintessential Australian rock, characterised by a surfy and rocksteady vibe that strikes the perfect balance between salty and sweet, infused with the band’s unique twist.

‘River Of Life’ stands out as an energetic drinking anthem, complete with a designated drinking point. The song’s infectious energy is accentuated by a clever inclusion: the sound of a cracking beer can towards the end, prompting listeners to finish their drinks before the song concludes. This playful touch adds an interactive element to the track, enhancing the overall experience and aligning with Sugar Tongue’s genuine mission to leave audiences with a “Sugar Tongue” – a blend of sweetness in words and power in sound. With their rag-tag history and an infectious spirit, Sugar Tongue proves once again that their music is a refreshing concoction of fun, energy, and the unmistakable flavour of Australian rock.

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