Ski Lift’s latest single, ‘Living The Dream’, is a sonic journey into the world of endearing power-pop, skilfully crafted by Welsh songwriter Benji Tranter and his cohorts, Elizabeth Walsh and Adam Fletcher. The trio, based in South London, have honed a distinct sound that blends nostalgic three-chord rock and roll with a refreshing twist, offering a familiar yet invigorating soundtrack to the nuances of everyday life.

‘Living The Dream’ reflects on relatable anxieties, cleverly turning a common phrase on its head. Propelled by a catchy ’60s-pop-inspired energy, the track is a delightful concoction of swirling hooks, jangly uptempo beats, and harmonious vocals. The song’s shimmering optimism, tinged with subtle irony, makes it an infectious earworm that demands multiple listens to fully immerse oneself in its scuzzy, sunny disposition. Drawing inspiration from bands like Talking Heads and Deerhoof, Ski Lift creates music that is angular and unpredictable yet firmly rooted in pop sensibilities.

Since solidifying their current lineup in 2021, Ski Lift has been hard at work, sharing stages with notable acts and garnering support from various radio stations, including BBC Radio 1, BBC 6Music, and BBC Radio Wales. Their music has also found a home on Spotify editorials like Fresh Finds and Feel Good Indie Rock, showcasing their broad appeal. Additionally, their presence extends beyond the airwaves, with a song featured on Channel 4’s Made In Chelsea.

As Ski Lift continues to make waves in the indie-pop scene, “Living The Dream” stands as an impossibly catchy anthem, offering a glimpse into the trio’s promising future. With their unique blend of influences and a growing list of accomplishments, Ski Lift invites listeners to join them in “living the dream” through this latest musical endeavour.

Photo by Jas Kisbee

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