Sea Girls’ latest single, ‘Weekends And Workdays’, is a refreshing burst of indie pop energy that solidifies their place as formidable storytellers and creators of anthems. This English alternative band, comprising Henry, Rory, Andrew, and Oli, delivers their music with an infectious enthusiasm born from a shared love of music since school.

The song is an immediacy-driven, pop-infused delight that exudes positive, open-hearted lyrics. ‘Weekends And Workdays’ is a resounding message about taking a break, keeping your head up, and finding solace amidst the hectic world, a message that resonates profoundly in the backdrop of global instability.

Sea Girls’ ability to craft tightly honed tunes that captivate audiences is evident in their festival shows, with thousands of fans chanting every word in unison. The band’s music feels vital and real, encapsulating the euphoria of a live performance. It’s no surprise that Sea Girls continue to garner a dedicated global fan following.

With their two top 5 UK albums and a remarkable 70,000 live tickets sold last year, Sea Girls are poised for a new era with their forthcoming third album. ‘Weekends And Workdays’ is destined to become a beloved indie pop classic, already making waves at the band’s festival shows. Sea Girls’ ability to capture the essence of youth and the yearning for respite makes their music special and vital in today’s music scene.

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