Manchester Rock and Roll quarter Scuttlers have set the world on alight with their latest single ‘Leaders of a Lost Generation’. Penned by lead singer and guitarist Kaiden Nolan when he was just 14 years old, this song takes a different direction for the band. “Leaders’ was written as an ode to my age group when I was in my mid teens, lost in the crossings of pop culture, school and click-bait politics. When we took it to the studio as a full band, it moulded into the fist pumping anthem it is” says Kaiden.

A driven set of vocals throughout this catchy tune touching on adolescence and the dying embers of an eventful youth. A real heart-warmer with certain reminiscence to moving away from the freedom of your teenage years spent raving. Reciting childhood chants, unflattering memories and tear-wrenching saddening moments when coming to terms with moving out of a memorable youth. 

A song that sticks with you after hearing, you can definitely imagine this tune blasting out of stadium speakers in the not so distant future. The vocals manage to keep you listening and the lyrics stick with you long after. A pulsating bass line complements the guitar perfectly and completes the tune perfectly. Maybe Scuttlers could be the leaders of the new indie generation?

Written by: Tom Taylor