Huge, huge summer vibes coming in with the latest single from Manchester indie-pop starlet Saytr Play.  ‘Butterfly Stitches’, which is the title track of Saytr Plays latest EP is a track which is extremely reminiscent of many other great indie pop bands with that classic dance-ready feel to it. 

Built on a sparkling guitar melody, this track really defines everything that is great about modern day indie music. The lyricism, the shimmering guitar tones and who could neglect to talk about that vocal. Frontman Fred Farrell has garnered support from huge tastemakers at the likes of Radio X, Louder Than War and even placements on some of the most sought after Spotify editorial playlists (New Music Friday, Hot New Bands, Indie List). All of this on the bands fast rise through the music scene.

Making the sound of a song so electric all the way through is one quality which Saytr Play possesses. But, they also somehow have this way of making even the music sound somewhat familiar and instantly likeable to the listener. What’s more is the band does this without once tarnishing their authenticity.

The sheer level ability on show in this track is absolutely jaw dropping. This track feels like it was written and performed by musicians right at the very top of their games. Considering the fact that this would still be considered the early discography of Saytr Play, it says quite a lot that the band are writing like musicians who are in their prime.

If there’s one thing to be said about this track it’s that it absolutely will leave any listener clambering after hearing what is contained within the rest of the EP which proceeds this song. Absolutely incredible that this song is such an amazing attention grabber and leaves the impression it does so quickly.

Flawless, glorious and quite impressive work from Saytr Play.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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