If you haven’t heard of Manchester rockers Sauce, then your ears are in for a real treat, and a heavy pounding. Their latest offering, ‘All Of Us’, is a raucous display of power and back to basics writing which has brought the band much deserved attention. The band cite influences from Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin as the main drive behind their music and you can definitely hear that in the heavy guitar sounds; with a tasteful sprinkle of The Beatles to tie the masterpiece together.

‘All Of Us’ doesn’t beat around the bush and hits you straight in the face from the start with its instantly memorable chorus bursting straight in. The track is perfect for the airwaves and was premiered on XS Manchester and is a manic 3 minutes of all out rock and roll. Lead Singer Dean Molyneux’s vocals are so powerful and overwhelming and that you can’t help but sit back and be washed away by them. Molyneux’s remarkable vocals coupled with some seriously heavy guitar tones give ‘All Of Us’ the full frontal force Sauce commands.

The bassline pulsing through ‘All Of Us’ is the real driving force for the song, paired with the high energy fills from the drums, it builds a solid groove for the guitars to work their magic over. There isn’t anything out of line in this song, everything is stripped back to the bare essentials and built up together with real harmony and cohesion. 

The video for ‘All Of Us’ is one of the best i’ve seen for some time, on the surface it’s everything you’d expect from a heavy rock n roll song; shots of the American landscape, bands rocking out on podiums in front of their illuminated logo – except it’s all beautifully animated. The video has a strong feeling of escapism, being set free on a wild ride to the moon, and has some similarities to Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ ‘Californication’ video (all be it more head-banging and rock n roll).

Written by: Stuart Daley