‘Sofia’, a remarkable new single from north-east based indie rocker Sarah Johnsone, this track is somehow both full of life and really chilled out at the same time. A great listen. 

There is one part of this track which really doesn’t do itself justice and it’s just production of the vocals, it’s easy to hear that Sarah has a brilliant voice but the vocal just doesn’t sit quite where it should in places in the track. There are also a couple of places in the track where the cymbals do feel slightly too high in the mix as well.

This track is one I can imagine being an absolute belter live, but one that I feel could be a lot better in it’s recorded form.

Take nothing away from the quality of the composition of this song, the body of work itself is pristinely executed in the musical sense and really gives a sense of how great this track is. I would really like to see this live on stage though.

Sarah Johnsone, a name to definitely watch out for. Pure vibes from ‘Sofia’.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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