Rosa Caelum’s latest offering, ‘Heaven Once Told You’, is an electrifying journey through the deranged corridors of alt-rock, and it’s nothing short of mesmerising. This band, making waves in the music scene, is proving their worth with their captivating sound.

Their previous successes, ‘The Lovers Were The Last Ones To Leave’ and ‘Jerusalem’, were mere teasers for the masterpiece that is ‘Heaven Once Told You’. The track’s thunderous performance showcases their storytelling prowess, skilfully woven into an unrelenting yet contemplative musical backdrop. It’s a narrative that leaves you hanging on every word and chord.

Produced at Magic Gardens Studio by Gavin Monaghan and Liam Radburn, the production quality is impeccable, further emphasizing the raw talent of Rosa Caelum. If you’re a fan of bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood, or Arctic Monkeys, this track is sure to resonate with you.

Rosa Caelum’s rapid ascent in the UK indie scene is well-deserved, and ‘Heaven Once Told You’ is a testament to their artistry. With each listen, you’ll find new layers and nuances that will keep you hooked. Keep a close eye on Rosa Caelum in 2023; they’re destined for greatness.

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