Matty Dagger’s debut release under the moniker poor effort, titled ‘you’re wrong, i’m right (symphony)’, emerges as a poignant observation of digital discord and societal polarisation. Drawing from his experiences and surroundings in Salford, Dagger navigates through the murky waters of online debate and the tendency towards moral grandstanding, all while infusing his work with a distinctly Northern sensibility.

The track unfolds with dissonant basslines and fragmented samples, setting a foreboding tone that mirrors the fractured nature of online discourse. Dagger’s lyrical delivery, reminiscent of Kae Tempest and Courtney Barnett, cuts through the chaos with sharp observations and biting wit. As the synthesizers intensify, the unsettling atmosphere reaches its peak, underscoring the distorted environment created by conflicting opinions.

At its core, ‘you’re wrong, i’m right (symphony)’ serves as a commentary on the pitfalls of echo chambers and the erosion of nuanced discourse in the digital age. Dagger’s exploration of ignorance and moral superiority resonates deeply in a society increasingly divided by binary thinking.

What sets poor effort apart is Dagger’s commitment to authenticity and creative control. From its inception as a poem to the makeshift studio recordings during lockdown, the project bears the mark of a singular vision brought to life through collaboration with producers, visual artists, and musicians.

As poor effort gears up to release more music spanning alternative, hip-hop, post-punk, and electronic influences, ‘you’re wrong, i’m right (symphony)’ serves as a compelling introduction to Dagger’s lyrical prowess and genre-defying sound. In a landscape cluttered with superficiality, poor effort offers a refreshing dose of sincerity and substance. With Dagger at the helm, listeners can expect nothing less than a thought-provoking journey through the complexities of modern life.

Photo by Through The Eyes Of Ruby

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