Ponta Preta’s latest release, ‘I’ve Been Lonely’, seamlessly captures the essence of the surf rock revival, infusing Californian pop influences with the sun-soaked vibes we all crave. The band, already celebrated for their hit single ‘I Wanna Know’ broadcasted by astronaut Thomas Pesquet aboard the ISS, continues to ride the wave of success with their latest LP, ‘Way Out West!

‘I’ve Been Lonely’ serves as a tantalising preview of what’s to come, offering a rich tapestry of sound that oscillates between the sun-drenched beaches of California and the expansive landscapes reminiscent of Sergio Leone’s films. The track exudes a harmonious blend of textures, creating an immersive experience that mirrors the band’s ability to transport listeners to the heart of the surf culture.

Ponta Preta’s musical prowess shines through in this ode to debauchery, reminiscent of The Black Keys and The Murlocs. Ponta Preta cement their status as masterful creators of a unique synthesis of Californian and Australian psychedelic pop. Get ready to ride the sonic waves with Ponta Preta!

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