A band I have had the delight of coming across on more than one occasion in the Manchester scene, Pomona Park. A band who possess songwriting skills which never fail to blow me away. They’re just so good at that modern indie pop sound.

‘Stormy Weather’ is yet another in a string of releases from the Manchester lads, who just can’t stop pumping out proper foot tapping tunes. This one is absolutely no exception.

This track is built around a very basic acoustic guitar and is built upon masterfully by lead guitar riffs that are backed by synth lines and the rhythm section ties all of this together to give the track that authentic Pomona Park bounce and sound.

After a successful 12 months including a sell out show in Manchester, some great supports and a string of great releases the lads in Pomona Park definitely have a lot to be proud of. That includes this release.

A band that are this consistent with the quality of music they produce, especially at the start of their journey is a rarity. Genuinely incredible work.

It often feels wrong using cliches within reviews but if any new band are worth it, it’s Pomona Park. Just incredible quality time after time.

Pomona Park are headlining Lions Den in Manchester on 17th November, tickets available here.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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