The Leeds based new kids on the block are back with their second single and after marvelling at their first effort it would have been remiss of me to to let this one go unnoticed. With their debut track and a successful headline show having taken care of the pleasantries, the band return to the crease with an alluring, ironclad confidence that will have everyone rooting through their wardrobe for their black leather jacket.

Whilst their debut was hardly a bashful affair, ‘Bad Communicators’ proves itself to be even bolder. The track lays bare the band’s heavier side shifting influences like Nothing But Thieves and Wolf Alice firmly into view, proving that Playfare can put the “rock” into indie rock as well as the best of them. The track stories a failing relationship and the protagonist’s realisation that due to an inability to communicate, both parties would be better off alone. Now, I really do believe there is much to be said for the “happy music with sad lyrics” approach to songwriting. I think it can be subversive, entertaining and generally make a song more interesting. However, I also believe that there are times when all you want to do is turn the car stereo to max and belt out a break up song, out of tune as your head rocks violently backwards and forwards. ‘Bad Communicators’ is most certainly the latter and my God does it fit the brief.

That said, when a band who has previously demonstrated as much maturity and care as Playfare decides to turn their hand at such a song, I worry. I worry that distortion will replace delicacy, that hooks will replace wholeheartedness and that power will replace precision. So the big question is, do they?

Well, as I write this I find myself sipping my coffee with a naughty school boy like grin smeared across my face, because no. They most certainly don’t.

Gina Yorke’s lyrics, for a start, remain as humanistic and relatable as before but this time made even more impressive by the way in which she has wrangled them into a melody that is even stronger than her last. Not to mention some gorgeous backing vocals.

In the case of the others, I find the appeal slightly different. Whilst it is completely true that all parts are tasteful, considered and extremely atmospheric, I actually find myself deriving most pleasure from hearing them blow their beans in a way that ‘You Love I‘ didn’t quite allow. It turns out an old school, main stage worthy chorus done the Playfare way is quite something and I sincerely hope they have plenty more in their locker.

On that note, you will be delighted to hear that ‘Bad Communicators’ is just the 2nd track from what will be the band’s debut EP, which I am told we can expect very soon. So you best give them a follow on your platforms of choice and stay tuned.

Written by Iwan Grant

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