A feel good indie banger which wouldn’t be out of place at any indie club night. The latest body of work from South Coast rockers Pioneers, introducing ‘Cold For Zero’. 

After a successful stint of radio plays including a spin on the coveted BBC Radio One, the lads have embarked on what is yet another banger of a tune.

This song seems extremely expertly executed on all parts, a solid musical performance from every part of the band and extremely polished production to put the Cherry on top of the cake. This song is only guilty of one thing and that is absolutely blowing a listeners ears off.

Though there are many incredible factors in this song my one criticism, although harsh, would be that the singers voice is quite flat and doesn’t quite do what I would expect from a song this lively. The track is extremely upbeat and bouncy but the vocalist just doesn’t seem to have the same energy in his voice as the music contains.

By no stretch am I saying that the vocalist is bad, in fact the contrary, he clearly has a great ability! I just feel his voice could’ve shined through a little more in this track.

Never the less, a brilliant track and one I will absolutely be keeping within my playlist to hype me up for future nights out. Brilliant work.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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