Considering this is a ‘sole’ musician, Adam Hailstone, who uses the name Pink Films, really does put his ‘soul’ into this track. His latest release, the song ‘M.A.D.’ (Movie’s Almost Done) creates a wonderful atmosphere perfect for a late night stroll around a small city. A combination of psychedelic, dreamy, 80s inspired music has helped to construct a dream like world which we can escape to. It’s so good that we are somewhat distracted from the sad understory of this track that the lyrics portray to us. 

The song starts us off with a groovy rack and floor tom which is panning all around, creating a great sense of space to open the track. The simple, shimmery and silky guitars slot in along with the tom groove to help build up the intro of the track. The snare then finalised the build-up by cutting through, perfectly aiding in driving the track forward. As the sizzling snare continues to keep the song flowing forward, the dreamy and indulgent vocals give us the real vibe of the track. The vocals don’t hit you in the face like a powerful rock ballad. Instead the vocals seem to float, adding to this dream-like state in which you fall into while listening.

Adams’ DIY approach to this track shows us that you don’t need these big shot studios. Adam has managed to capture this song in his studio in his room and has the drums mixed extremely well, the ride cymbal just sitting back a little in the mix keeping the song moving. The snappy snare slices through, helping to continue the drive of the track, but not so much so that we lose the dreamy almost ambient texture that the song oozes out. The simple yet effective guitar parts add the final touch just before the very well affected vocals sit just in the mix to create this DIY studio masterpiece.


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Written by Dec Smith