A disco infused toe-tapper is probably the best description I can give of the latest single from PARCS, who return with their song ‘Wait!’.

The part of this track which overthrows every other quality from the off is absolutely the production. Richard Jackson who mixed and mastered this song has pulled off a sublime piece of work. Everything is just done so precisely with that real dance / pop music sort of feel in mind. This track honestly would not sound out of place being played at full volume in a club at 4am when everybody is bouncing about senselessly.

Originally, this song was formed upon the basic part of a drum loop and a synth loop which was then built upon by the four-piece. To have taken a simple drum loop and built a song such as this is utterly brilliant songwriting. Not only to have built upon the basics, but also to have made the track as catchy as it is in the chorus is brilliant.

Despite this, the song, at least for me, didn’t leave much of a lasting impression and wasn’t the most memorable body of work ever. I do feel that PARCS have better work than this out there and feel this could have used a little bit more refinement before recording and releasing. I almost feel like I’m not really getting enough from the song and that there is quite a lot more needed.

Make no mistake though, the song that has been produced is very good it just feels like there’s not enough of it. Would love to hear it developed a little bit more as I’m a huge fan of what has been developed so far!

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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