Glasgow based four-piece Pandas have a unique vision for their band, one of telling a story, to continue that feeling of enjoying your favourite movie, of hearing those life changing albums and to transcend just the song in-front of you and to become a feeling and a moment in time. They’re certainly on their way to this goal with their latest release ‘Sugar & Fishnets’.

This indie anthem swirls with hypnotic guitars and dazzling vocals with a pulsating groove that drifts through the song and carries you with it. The lyrics are tinged with tales of passionate love, optimism, and an escape into a dream world. Ellis Hurley’s vocals demonstrate a great sophistication with contrasting soft tones switching to louder passionate deliveries that build with the dynamic of the song and make the song the dance floor filler it is bound to become.

‘Sugar & Fishnets’ has the perfect mix of high intensity, energetic guitar hooks and gentle drops in the music allowing the song the breathe and recoup momentum to dive straight back into the thick of it. Pandas are already stamping their mark after only forming recently and are certainly a band to keep an eye on as they can only go onto greatness.

Written by: Stuart Daley