Full of life and pulsating music, ‘Crash’ is the latest addition to the sensational catalogue of fast rising band Only The Poets. 

‘Crash’ comes in at a short and sweet Two minutes and Forty seconds and in that short amount of time, I think it’s fair to say that the song absolutely has its desired impact. Packed full of feelings with lyrics about the ‘battle with your own emotions’ as Tommy from the band says.

Only The Poets are a band with a real knack for writing some of the catchiest melodies and hook lines; this song is just another fine example of that.

This time it seems like within the music there has been a lot more attention paid to the production aspects beyond initial writing. There’s features such as that high pass filter on the drums which has been used in pop music for years to help make tracks feel like they’re building. As well as that, there’s just one small nuance of a reverse cymbal coming into the first chorus that, without most listeners realising, really does add to the build into what is then a majorly catchy chorus.

As ever, the vocal performance from frontman Tommy is impeccable to say the very least. Absolutely flawless and seemingly effortless from a vocalist with a raw talent.

These lads are certainly starting to rise extremely fast and it’s very well deserved. With slots at major festivals this year as well as support slots for the likes of Lewis Capaldi and Bastille, it’d be no surprise to see Only The Poets hitting even larger heights this year. I’d certainly be expecting even more great music as they always provide.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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