Los Angeles based musician Olivia Henry has been singing since she first learnt how to walk and talk and along the way has learned to access the vulnerable yet strong presence needed to convey an authentic jazz vocal coming with her feminine power.

Following on her success with 2014 debut EP ‘Sessions’ , Olivia Henry has released a full album entitles ‘Expectations’ which contains the aptly named ‘Beautiful’. An almost cliché love song similar to same named track from James Blunt, however Olivia Henry manages to steer it clear with her jazz style not to dissimilar to Jade Bird.

The chorus to ‘Beautiful’ was written whilst driving down the LA freeway, ”daydreaming about a new guy I just met. I wanted the song to feel dark and dreamy, a ‘what if’ romantic curiosity” which she has managed to portray in this track and you can see yourself in the back of an open top car in the American sunshine drifting away with this song.

Written by: Stuart Daley