‘Words’, a track which has left me lost for exactly that. This track has a beautiful balance of happy feelings and musical melancholy. 

Nature TV are a band who, having come across them before, have stuck in my memory for their musical and songwriting talents. The band seem to have this habit for hooking people into the music and just grabbing your complete attention. A skill that not all music possesses.

There’s a real sense of pain in the lyricism here, a pain which is communicated in a rather bittersweet musical form. Leaving the listener (me) feeling rather confused but in a somewhat poignant way.

I can just imagine ‘Words’ playing over a film scene and adding so much raw emotion to that scene. A quality which really I feel defines this track. Just pure emotion.

The lads in Nature TV are no stranger to a real belter of a song and they seem to keep producing record after record of pure beauty recently. They gained a fan in me when I first heard the band and they’ve certainly kept my interest now.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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