‘Illusions’, a track which seems, in many ways, drenched in all forms of pain. This track almost feels defining of the Lo-Fi indie sound. The lads in Nature TV have absolutely nailed down a sound which really feels very much unique to them. 

In recent times, Nature TV have seen support from national tastemakers such as BBC Radio 1, Radio X and Amazing Radio and are to head out on their biggest ever headline tour of the UK later in the year.  The lads are definitely on the path to the top and with releases like ‘Illusions’, they really do show the quality that they have.

Released via Heist or Hit Records, ‘Illusions’ manages to cram so much emotion into a song which otherwise does feel fairly bouncy, it had my head bopping anyway.

The guitars are the part of the song which immediately stick out as they seem to be an incredibly important part of this track. My personal favourite part of this track however, is the repeating synth motif that sort of runs throughout the song – it’s so infectious!

Overall, this release just sounds like it has come from a band who are clearly reaching the peak of their professions and abilities. Top quality musicianship.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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