My First Time’s debut single, ‘Wind Up Merchant’, is a raucous, three-minute post-pop gem that packs a punch with driving guitar hooks and sardonic vocal lines. Hailing from Bristol, this quartet delivers a sound that encapsulates the idiosyncrasies of modern society, and they do so with tongue-in-cheek lyrics that capture the essence of an archetypal troublemaker, the “Jack the Lad”.

Inspired by an encounter with a real-life “wind-up merchant” on a night out in Bristol, the song takes a spirited and somewhat rebellious stance against those who thrive on provocation. The band’s influences, ranging from The Streets to Marina And The Diamonds, are palpable in the song’s unique sound, marrying elements of post-punk’s social awareness with catchy, earworm choruses of pop.

My First Time’s ‘Wind Up Merchant’ is an anthem for those moments when you need to drown out the ramblings of an annoying sibling or a super-conservative relative. It’s a track that encapsulates the band’s energy for fun, relatable lyrical tales of youth, and the desire for change. With their debut single, My First Time showcases a blend of influences that set them apart, and their infectious sound promises a bright future in the indie music scene.

Photo by Cloe Morrison

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